Thursday, 24 May 2018

Stretching for the line

When we choose an activity like running flexibility is one of the most important aspects of our routine to prevent injury, joint pain, muscle damage and strains. Different types of stretches are required pre and post run.

Dynamic Stretching :
Dynamic stretches involve movement based stretching such as high knees and butt kicks.  This boosts blood flow, activates the central nervous system, and enhances strength, power, and range of motion. As a result, dynamic stretching offers a host of both immediate and long term benefits and done before every run will warm you up and put you in the best position possible to get the most from your run.

Static Stretching:
Research shows that static stretching provides recovery benefits and so should be performed at the end of a workout while the body is warm as it relaxes the muscles and improves flexibility.  Performing static stretches before running can actually hinder performance as it saps strength, while reducing blood flow and decreasing central nervous system activity.

How we breathe during our stretching routine is also important. To get the most from your stretching, you must breathe deeply and regularly. Many of us tend to hold our breath while stretching without even realising it. If you hold your breath, you likely won’t see major improvements in your flexibility, and you put yourself at risk of injury.
For more information on stretching and some easy to follow examples please read this article from Live Strong

Too Much Too Soon:
The last time either of us got injured was directly attributable to entering a race with a lack of preparation and training. A telling statistic is the fact that 80% of injuries are caused by over exercise. Doing a few 10k runs and then thinking you can go out and run a half marathon is a sure way to do damage. Your body need time to gradually adjust to the stains and stresses of longer runs. The general rule is to build up slowly by adding a mile a week to your long runs.

Tip of the week:
Listen to your body: Be mindful of your body when running, it will help you identify stresses and strains and allow you to address them before they become an issue.

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