Friday, 21 April 2017

5 tips for the Half on the Head

  1. Incorporate some hills into your training routine. The Half on the Head (and the 10k) contain a number of uphill climbs.
  2. Pace yourself at the start. Most of first 3 miles of both races is a gradual uphill climb which can sap the energy from your legs. A slow steady pace will stand to you later in the run.
  3. Know the course. If you get a chance do a drive of the route the day before. You will be more comfortable during the run. We will also be posting our mile by mile guide here in the coming weeks.
  4. The wild atlantic ocean is a great remedy for sore muscles. Go for a paddle in the sea at the end of the race. It is the ultimate massage for tired limbs - both invigorating and refreshing.
  5. Enjoy the views. They will distract you and make the run that bit easier.

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