Thursday, 8 June 2017

Race Day Preparation - Some handy tips to make race day less stressful! by John McCann

So this is it! Race day is almost upon us! The nerves are palpable and you can't wait to get stuck in! The morning of the race can be tough enough to get through so here are a few tips to help calm the nerves and help you to be as prepared as best as you possibly can be!
1. Have the bib number attached to the running gear the night before - Don't go looking for safety pins on the day adding to the stress!
2. Get up early - give yourself plenty of time to digest your breakfast and mentally prepare for the days challenge!
3. Have gels packed and and ready to go - don't spend morning of the race looking for them.
4. Don't forget to charge your garmin watch - the last thing you want is for the watch to quit on you out on the course.
5. Have an old hat/refuse sack/jacket ready to keep warm at the start of the race but throw off when the countdown begins. It can be cold hanging around before the race gets going!
6. Don't panic if the night's sleep has been poor - you'll have plenty time for rest after the marathon!
7. Embrace the adrenalin/nerves - this is what you've trained for - be confident in your programme and enjoy as best you can!
8. Don't be late to the start line - an obvious one but important - give yourself plenty of time to loosen out/warm up/stretch before the race begins.
9. Take it all in! - Enjoy the camaraderie and atmosphere that only a half marathon brings.
10. Embrace the support the crowd brings - you'd be surprised how much it can spur you on at all stages of the course.
11. Enjoy it! You've trained hard enough for this - try not to have any regrets after the race is over! To get to the start line uninjured and fit and ready to run 13.1 miles is a hell of an achievement in itself!

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