Thursday, 4 May 2017

Half on the Head - The First 3 and a half Miles

The biggest reason for runners hitting the wall or struggling to finish a race is down to pacing at the start. It is so easy to get caught up in the buzz at the start line and before your know it, the gun goes off and you have  2 miles done at a blistering pace that is way faster that you had planned. At this stage you still feel good and are even glad that you have built up a few precious seconds. However, it has been proven over and over again that this early pace will take its toll in the end.

This is especially true with the Half on the Head. The first 3 miles are primarily a gradual climb. It doesn't look too daunting but it will sap precious energy from your legs unless you pace yourself properly. From the start by the beach you will sweep down thorough Ballyheigue village before turning right onto Ladywell and making your way up a long gradual climb past the grotto. At the top of the hill you will meet the first mile marker where the road curves sharply to the right and there is a nice flat straight which takes you past the local church before you take a left turn by Booleenshere National School. From here you undulate your way along country roads gradually climbing past mile 2 and a right turn onto a long sloping straight. The 3 mile marker appears as continue along the straight until you reach a short hill with a double bend that leads you to a cross roads.

At this stage the Half Marathon runners will be taking a right turn which take them around the coast of Kerryhead while the 10k runners will be taking a left turn back towards the village of Ballyhegue.

I fully recommend keeping a comfortable steady pace until you reach this crossroads. Conserve your energy and ensure that your legs are in good shape for the next part of the Half Marathon.

Information about the next 3 miles will be coming soon .....

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