Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Half on the Head - The Middle Section

Ok, We are on mile 4 having paced ourselves for the first 3 miles (see my previous blog) and kept some energy in our legs. Miles 4,5 and 6 give you a chance to get a nice rhythm going and to get into that race pace mode.

At this point you are running along beside the river Shannon with views of the Clare coast and loop head across the estuary. Look back and you will see sloping fields and spectacular cliffs stretching towards Ballybunion in the distance.

As we reach mile 7 there is a small but testing hill which takes you form the old forge to the next water stop where you will turn and head down into lower Dreenagh. A sharp right leads into our final climb. Its a long straight stretch which take sus into mile 8 and eventually leads to our one bit of unpaved road (don't worry, its not too rough) which takes us back to join the main road where we finally reach "the point" of Kerryhead, one of the most westerly places in Europe. A short climb here and we are finally ready to head downhill and loop back towards our starting point.

The final part of the this blog will take us through from mile 9 to the finish and a some well deserved refreshments in Flahives Beer Garden.

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