Friday, 9 June 2017

Half on the Head - Heading for Home

The final section of this race is where you can make up some time but don't be overeager and start sprinting down the hill. Yes, there is a good long stretch of downhill ahead but try to keep a steady speed to avoid burn out. Downhill running takes a bit of practice so hopefully you have had some training runs which included a few miles of descent.

As you make your way down towards Glenderry the panorama of Tralee Bay opens out in front of you with views of Mount Brandon, The Maherees,  and the Seven Hogs all vying for your attention. It really is breath taking so try to take some time to enjoy the scenery.

As you pass mile 10 you will see Blennerville Windmill and Fenit lighthouse in the distance at the end of a 7 mile stretch of sandy beach which runs from Ballyheigue through Banna Strand and Barrow.

Mile 11 takes you past Dromatoor harbour and the road levels out for the final 2  miles as you head back into Ballyheigue Village and the welcome sight of the finish line. Once you have had a breather and rehydrated I would recommend heading down to the beach and having a paddle in the Atlantic ocean. It really is the best massage that you can get and is just the tonic for your jaded legs.

Prizegiving, BBQ and live music will take place in Flahives Bar from about 1:30 onwards.
There is even talk of a rodeo bull.

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