Friday, 4 May 2018

The Half on the Head (Kerryhead Half Marathon & 10k run) takes place on Saturday June 16th in Ballyheigue and each week race organisers Mick and Marion will be bringing you some health, nutrition & running tips.

Why Run?
The obvious answer is “to keep fit” and it is a proven fact that running is among the best aerobic exercises for the physical conditioning of the heart and lungs.  However, there are many more reasons get out and run.
Shed some pounds: The average person can burn more than 850 calories per hour by running which makes it one of the best exercises for weight loss.  
Save some cash:  All you need is a pair of running shoes and you can begin to get fit. Who needs a fancy gym membership or the latest fitness gadget.
Anytime, anyplace, anywhere: In the park, on holidays, during lunch.  Again, all you need is your trainers and you are ready to go. Running is the most convenient sport in the world.
Stress Relief: It is proven that running benefits your mental health. It boosts your serotonin levels and recent studies have shown that running regularly produces a natural high which promotes calmness and relaxation.
Strengthen bones:  Contrary to popular belief studies show that running actually builds up strength in your joints and bones keeping them healthier even as you age.
Make new friends: Running groups are everywhere so join your nearest group and get socialising. Research has shown that group fitness is one the biggest factors in enhancing quality of life. You will be stronger, faster and more fulfilled by running with others.
You’ll eat better: Runners become more mindful of their eating habits. Before you know it you will be replacing that junk food with healthier options.
Tip of the week:
Cross Train
. Mix your running with at least two sessions per week of alternative exercise such as yoga, cycling or circuits. This has been proven to benefit core and general fitness and to improve your running times.  
Thanks to everybody who entered our competition. The lucky winner of an entry into the 2018 Half on the Head is Paul O’Connor. For more information or to register for the race please visit

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