Friday, 11 May 2018

Your food is your fuel:
To get the best from your run it is important to fuel your body properly. A bad diet will result in a sluggish and lacklustre run. If we expect our bodies to perform it is important to eat the right food. A balanced diet with a wide variety of foods is best.  We have all heard of diets such as the Atkins diet which advise us to cut out or remove carbohydrates completely. However people who do cardiovascular workouts like running depend on carbs for fuel as carbs are our main source of energy.  In the days leading up to a long race such as the Half on the Head many runners will Carb Load by eating carb rich foods such as bread and pasta.
Cut out the crap:
It is as straight forward as it sounds and is especially important when we begin to run or exercise on a regular basis. Extra effort expended through exercise will increase appetite and if we do not have access to healthy snacks we often end up eating what is convenient.  Stock up on fruit, veg and nuts in order to avoid reaching for something sugary and fat leaden.
Research has shown that being adequately hydrated will improve your running/ exercise performance. Drinking water will also give a feeling of fullness which can help to curb appetite and reduce overeating.  It is recommended that we drink about 3 litres of water a day and this need increases with exercise.
Protein after a workout is important as it helps repair the muscle that breaks down during exercise.  It is also vital to get the recommended amounts of vitamins and minerals for our bodies to work at their best.  We can get all the nutrition we need from a balanced healthy diet. While supplements such as protein shakes can aid recovery after a race they are not necessary for most runners on a daily basis.   
Tip of the week:
The average runner will burn 300-400 calories during a 5k run while the average chocolate bar contains around 250 Calories. So, unfortunately, just because you got out for that run doesn’t mean you can gorge and get away with it. Need we say more!
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