Thursday, 24 May 2018

Get in Gear for the Half on the Head (Ballyheigue, Co. Kerry):

Dress for the conditions:
It sounds obvious but make sure you dress appropriately. Being too hot causes dehydration and saps your energy while being too cold or wet will hamper your run. Look at the forecast for the day and pick out suitable gear.
You will always have some hanging around time before a race so it is important to keep warm. If necessary wear a light jacket, if you decide to leave it at the start of the Half on the Head we will do our best to have it waiting for you at the finish line.

Feet First:
A good pair of socks is essential. These are the barrier between your skin and your shoes and each step will create a bit of friction. Make sure the socks are comfortable and a good fit to avoid getting blisters. Try out some different brands and materials during your training to see which works best.
When it comes to footwear there is no “one size fits all” solution. The right pair of running shoes for you depends on a range of factors.  The wear on your old shoes is a great indication of your running style while most good running shops will provide good advice and offer a gait test which will help you understand exactly how you run.  This information will help you select the running shoe that’s best for you.
Experience has thought us to ignore any particular brand and to pick a pair of shoes that is both comfortable and light.

Short cuts:
The trend for women runners is towards running leggings. Make sure to test these out carefully on your training run for comfort and fit. Branded leggings are expensive but will last for years so they are worth the investment.
When it comes to shorts ensure that they are light and do not chafe, especially in wet conditions.
Top picks:

Get a top with a good wicking material to soak away any excess moisture from the skin. Make sure that the fit is good so there is no chafing during your long training runs.
Tip of the week: 

Do not wear anything new on race day especially shoes or socks. Lay out your gear the night before and make sure it has all been tried and tested.

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